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San Diego Temple Wedding Magic

Over twenty years of shooting weddings has taught me, if you want to avoid the burnout, make it fun. For me fun is being creative. Letting the personality of the bride and groom shine. I love capturing the story of romance a couple share. Some jobs I have the couple bring props. I come well equipped with lighting, plenty of memory on my camera, and I plan what lenses to bring in advance. Over 400 jobs later and I still love what I do. Lately I have been shooting LDS couples at the San Diego Temple in La Jolla California. WOW what a backdrop. If a couple is up to it I try to get a session in at La Jolla shores as the sun is starting to set. The golden hour on the beach, and newly married couples can really lead to stunning romance shots.

Photography by David B. Gibby, IDMphotos

Wedding Photographer and Videography services in San Diego, CA



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