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Vacation Beach Portraits San Diego Style

Who doesn't enjoy a summer beach vacation in Americas finest city, San Diego Californa.

You planned for a great weekend, or even week here. You found a great beach side rental. your plane tickets are paid for. You did your best to arrange for everything conceivable. Once you arrive it hits you. I forgot to find the photographer to capture our crazy fun family. It happens more than you think. IDMphotos here it often with family vacationers that need a vacation photographer at a short notice to photograph their family portraits on the beach. That's no problem. If selfie pictures won't due the job, IDMphotos can, and were quite good at it. If you need help finding the right beach in San Diego for that special shot, our photographer is a native San Diegan and knows them all. So no stress, just bring your bright beautiful smile and the outfit you want to wear. Let us capture those memories to bring back home. Love to see you in sunny San Diego. 1-858-492-7377

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