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Fashion Deals at So Calif. Outlet Malls

Looking for a great Fashion deal check out your closest outlet Malls. Getting the best deal is all about timing. In this blog I will give you a few shopping tips to help you find the item/s you want, and leave you with a pocket full of extra cash.

You might be asking yourself, self? how does an aging white male know anything about shopping fashion? Can I trust his tips? Let me tell you why I know shopping. like few men do. First I married a woman that loves to shop, She is an x fashion model. We shop fashion in her sleep. I am a professional photographer by trade. part of my business is shooting fashion models, I also shoot fashion products. I help document my wife as she combs for sales, and deals. We shop Outlets, and shopping malls often. We frequent San Jasidro, San Diego CA, Carlsbad, Onterio Mills, the Desert Outlet Mall and Las Vegas too.

After years of shopping for purses, wallets, leather backpacks, belts, etc., both for herself and her friends, we have developed these tips (secrets).

Tip One: Research what you want to buy online first. Save a picture with the lowest price on your cell phone, or tablet. Wait for big sales days. Often they are national holidays, but outlet stores will have little surprise sales some weekends. Wait for the savings of 50%, 60% and even 70% off. Such discounts are offered by outlet stores selling name brand handbags, and fashion accessories.

Tip two: Buy a discount book at a Mall office offering them. They contain discounts of many stores in the mall. Often one coupon more than pays for their small price. Just check first to make sure the store/s you are shopping at honor your coupons..

Tip Three: If you frequent one store and spend over $250 their, ask to be included on the stores coupon e-mail program. They will e-mail special discounts not offered in the store.

Last week we were at an Coach store looking for a handbag. They had a 50% sale on with additional 20% off. We found a great leather purse for a great low price. Well there it is three money saving shopping tips.

I have to admit, I enjoy shopping. For a photographer it is about documenting the event. Also I get to hang out with my beautiful wife, and her interesting shopping friends. I get free food just for coming along. what could be better than that? Here are a few picture from recent trips. Enjoy!!!

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