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San Diego Surfing and Beach Culture

Totally ripping waves, surfing Oceanside Beach, CA

Another sun tanning beach day in San Diego California. Time to slap on the 50 spf lotion, charge my camera batteries, and go hunt for parking. Top Beaches to visit: La Jolla Shores, the Silver Strand, on Coronado Island, Mission Beach, Moonlight Beach in Encenitas, and the Oceanside Pier.

I am David, a professional portrait photographer. I just happens to loves shooting story telling street photography. SD Beaches are full of people with stories. I won't be alone though, almost every teenager, to adult has their cell phone ready to record their own. beachy events. I just have a little more composing, and lighting experience, and much bigger lenses. If you feel uncomfortable seeing beautiful women, wipe outs, or colorful tattoos, this is a blog to avoid. All other viewers enjoy a visual trip. You won't see shots like these in any surfing magazine (yet).

I don't publish names, or places to protect those featured from online drones. These pictures are also for viewing only, so please don't reprint them, or re-tweet, or re-blog, or publish them in any way. If you see a likeness of yourself in this blog, and want a copy, I will email you the file for no charge.

So lets get on to appreciating. I will be updating this blog often so feel free to re-visit as many times as you want. I plan to including a few short videos soon, another reason to come back eh.

Girlfriends checking out the surfers from Oceanside Pier

Surfer powering out of whitewater

wipeout from a boards eye view
beach babe running for the waves

Surfer cutting the soul of a six foot breaker

surfing legends meet up

boooogy babes at Silver Strands Beach, Coronado
Tattoos, spearfishing, and sexy bikinis, Mission Beach

a girl and her beach gear

So there it is. Classic shots from the recent past. Just a sample set of what I do. Like to see more? share your thoughts on my blog, not the ugly ones though. I'll keep them coming if I see the interest building. I will post rad videos too. Until next time, surfs up. Gotta go.

If you are vacationing in San Diego and need a beach photographer give me a call. 858-492-7377.

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