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San Diego Wedding Photography Tips

This wedding kiss portrait takes advantage of great defused light and trees reflecting in a reflection garden

So you said yes, and you find yourself engaged, now what? Getting engaged was the fun part, and even a little exciting. Ah the crazy, warm, fuzzy feelings of love. Oh those long smooching memorable dates. I feel it, eighteen years ago I caught that bug too.

If you are reading my blog you are probably getting desperate by now, Time is moving faster than you imagined. Though I can't help you with your stress, your wedding dress, cake, finding the best location, No not even music, nor catering. What I can help you with is to making sure all your investments are worth remembering. In fact if planned out right you may find that your wedding and reception out preform your expectations. I often capture surprises, whats behind the scenes. Many are soft moments not experienced by couples so involved in the marriage moment. It is the photographers job to document a great story.

Here are a few tips to make sure you find those cherished moments in you wedding album. Yes I know you are busy. Yes I know you just want to cross the photographer off your list. I get many brides book me before a photography consultation. The problem is, the relationship between them and their photographer should be personal. A photographer should fully understand the style of shots the bride and groom want. The couple should make sure the photographer they hire can meet their expectations. It is important you see an extensive body of the photographers work. Make sure they have adequate experience. even more so good references. You should feel comfortable with their personality. Many years from now you will base much of your wedding memories on how your photographer preformed their job. Throwing a large sums of money at a mediocre photographer will not insure a better result.

We all have seen, or heard the photography horror stories. Yours should be happily ever after. If you have specific questions about wedding photography, or videography, and you live is San Diego County, or Orange County California. Feel free to call us. Consultations are free. So is our advice. Truly, best wishes!


IDM Photos, 858-492-7377

Photography for your beach wedding San Diego, book a San Diego photographer, we are your top choice for a San Diego photographer. Look for an upcoming post on Looking for the right baby photographer San Diego. Its all about patience, comfort of the baby and creativity.

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